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Mutual Capital Alliance Announces


Many business executives turn to Rick Sapio to enhance the net worth of a company because he’s done it before. Rick has an extensive history where he has worn just about every professional hat that there is — from creating companies as an entrepreneur, to investing in them via his venture capital firm.

Rick has spent time in the CEO’s chair, where he was forced to create tactical ways in which to enhance the profitability of the business. One sample of his effectiveness as a CEO comes for his tenure at a company called, which provided mutual-fund advisory and account management services for clients.

The team turned to Rick Sapio to boost the net worth of the business through aggressive efforts to secure venture capital — investment money, for a portion of Sapio’s time, was widely available. However, when the dot com bubble burst and the markets faced a steep decline, Rick was forced to find creative and effective ways to cut expenses.

Rick Sapio is a net worth and investment management guru that often tells executives about the luxury that comes with managing a company that is profitable. Executives get to focus on improving processes within the company instead of scurrying to find ways to boost revenue and slash expenses.

However, cost-cutting and expense-saving measures are key to profitability. When turned to Rick Sapio to enhance the net worth of the company, he met hard economic times with an approach to cost-savings that included:

  • Keeping a close eye on book keeping. That meant recording all transactions the very same day so that Rick and his team could track costs in real time.
  • Delegating each line item to someone who was, in turn, responsible for it. Rick and his team would meet daily for a huddle to review figures.
  • Similarly, Rick would practice open-book management, where a small group of team members would get a look at profit-and-loss statements and balance sheets to see if they could spot potential for savings.
  • Following the budget religiously. This meant that no expenses were permitted unless they received the necessary approval by the board. This even applied to Rick, who was left to pay for various expenses personally.
  • Then, of course, there was salary slashing and the like. Rick and his fellow executives were not immune from these cut-backs. Shared sacrifice was a point of emphasis. The team relied on Rick Sapio to boost the net worth of the business — and that meant sacrificing.

Just as turned to Rick Sapio to enhance the net worth of a company, business executives of all industries can have this sort of effect on their own companies. It simply takes diligent attention and proactivity with regard to revenue and expenses.